The people who created the studio are Vladimir Stoilov and Ivana Kamberova. Having been long-term colleagues in television, they needed something more than just doing what they did there. Vladi was working as a supervising operator at two leading TV channels thus he was perfectly familiar with the methods and the qualities of his colleagues in this field. He had been recording weddings for more than 12 years and when he was no longer able to meet the numerous requests from young couples, he and Ivana resolved not to say no to people wishing to have a wonderful wedding day.

Thanks to having many acquaintances among good video operators, Vladi started taking increasingly more wedding recording jobs and in 2005 he launched a video recording company. We are proud to say that our wedding operators have the necessary imagination and experience to record special and everlasting moments. We believe that one can make an excellent film out of a good material (frames), while one can only correct a poor wedding recording in the editing stage. Therefore we rely both on operators and on editors who process the film. We use high-class HD cameras and edit our films in a fully equipped modern studio. We are proud to refer to ourselves as one of the best in the field of wedding video recording.