Love story

This is the story of the newlyweds ingeniously adapted for video recording – their meeting; favourite spots where they hang out together; marriage proposal; wedding preparation – choosing rings, trying on dresses, writing invitations, etc. The video materials will be used to show the story at the restaurant before the arrival of the newlyweds. The same scenes will serve as the beginning of the film the newlyweds will get as a finished product after their wedding. The story filmed under a scenario prepared in advance will have a musical background and will either be edited with a voice-over or subtitled.
– creating a workbook and a storyboard according to the scenario
– description of the scenario episode by episode including characters, props, location and equipment.
– voice-over – this narrator is necessary to clarify at certain moments what a character is thinking about or to humorously explain a particular scene. Moreover, the voice-over starts speaking in the beginning of the film explaining what the viewers are about to see. It speaks in the end of the film too, to give an elegant finish to the story. Depending on what the story is about and how it is told, the voice-over may be replaced with subtitles.
– recording takes about 2-3 days depending on the scenario. One day of filming lasts 5-6 hours.
For the shooting we usually use a Steadicam and a cradle-head, special lighting (also depending on the scenario), editing, sound effects – music and a narrator, subtitles and colour corrections. The finished product is recorded on a digital media.  Example

Initial video

One of our favourite stages of wedding video recording is the Initial video where we can get creative and show you what even you overlooked. By this we don’t mean your idea of wedding video recording that is just a bunch of recorded scenes, but a wedding video with stunning details, fascinating authenticity, defying time with its uniqueness.

The initial video is the one that reserves you the front seat at the most beautiful weddings you have ever seen. It makes you feel like you are among the wedding guests too. For 8 years, our team has collected such wedding videos that indeed leave an imprint on the hearts of their viewers. They will move you to tears, make you laugh, bring out the romance in you over and over again regardless of how many times you watch them. And to us, it is all very simple – recorded by all sorts of methods by several incredible video operators, these are videos with high resolution, and this is a list of the most inspiring and creative products of our studio.

Making of...

“Making of…” is a type of video that shows scenes from a photo shoot. Most newlyweds devote some of their wedding day to have pictures taken of them at beautiful places. The operator and the photographer work simultaneously and we create a video with a suitable music that can be romantic or dynamic. Example


“Wishes” is the name we have given to that part of a wedding film where the operator interviews the guests during the wedding. After having taken their seats at the restaurant and the dancing part has begun, some of the guests give wishes to the newlyweds as a video surprise. Later on, during the editing stage, the editor selects interesting phrases and makes a random and playful combination out of them that lasts for 5-10 minutes. These videos are always very moving and are a pleasant wedding memory.

HD format

Probably everyone has heard of High-definition video. This format is gaining popularity due to the high-quality of its images which is beyond all comparison with other popular formats. We at our studio have been recording and editing high-definition videos since when this was not yet popular, but newlyweds trusted us and now their memories are “sealed” with the best possible quality and on the best media.

3 cameras

The wedding is a live-event, and we need more than one camera to capture it in the best way. Unlike film-making, during the wedding it is impossible to make several takes, and we strive to give the newlyweds a Film that exceeds their expectations and is as closest as possible to a film. Using two or three cameras, we are able to capture details, the reactions of the guests, the expressions of the newlyweds and all the while not miss any ritual or important moment from the wedding. The various points of view provided by three operators and their equipment make the wedding seem like a film about the most important day of your life. When we record an event with two, three or more cameras, we use cinema equipment – a cradle-head, a Mini Dolly, underwater cameras.


The brides’ preparation on the wedding day almost always takes 2 or 3 hours. Meanwhile our video operator can cover either every moment of this preparation (putting on make-up, hairstyle, getting dressed), or wedding details that you have selected with great care. The recording of the bride’s shoes, jewellery and other accessories makes a great beginning for the wedding film and introduces the viewers to the environment and the atmosphere of the wedding preparations.